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How do I get my Main Dishes?


Currently we only deliver to Lee County.  Because we are new and building we do not offer services

anywhere else and we do not have pick up service.  As we grow we will expand.



How much is Delivery?


Delivery is FREE.  Our drivers do not expect tips but sure do appreciate them.



How do I know when my food will be delivered?


When you complete your order online we call to confirm everything, once your food is freshly packaged

we call you to set up delivery, usually Wednesday or Thursday evenings.



Does your menu ever change?


Yes.  Every month we will change the Main Dishes and add new ones.



What if I do not have a Crock Pot or Slow Cooker?


Many of our items can be baked or grilled however if you do not have a slow cooker you can also bake

your Main Dish by wrapping in foil placing in non stick baking dish, add a cup of water to the bottom

and bake on low at 215* all day long.



What if I forget to thaw my Main Dish can I cook frozen?


Slow Cooker items NO, however foil packaged item then YES, you will need to adjust your cooking time

by about 30-45 minutes and keep an eye on.  Vacuum packed items can be easily thawed by thawing in

cold water (takes about 30 minutes) and then bake or you can thaw in microwave but remember to cut

a slit in the vacuum package while thawing in microwave.  Then bake per instructions.



How much time should I take to thaw my Main Dish?


Typical thaw time is 24 hours in Refrigerator.  If it is a casserole item then 24- 48 hours in Refrigerator.

However most of the chicken and pork packages you can usually put in the Refrigerator before bed and

by the time dinner comes around it should be ready to bake.



When you deliver the Main Dishes do I need to freeze right away?


Yes please, this way your food will keep.  Everything is put together fresh and we want it to stay that

way.  You can keep one or two items out to start enjoying but we suggest you freeze the rest right away

and thaw as needed.



Why don’t you provide side dishes?


We wanted to primarily focus on the Main Dish.  It’s easy to grab a bag of pasta or canned veggie from

the pantry.  Maybe eventually we will but for now our primary focus is the Main Dish and making it Delicious.


How Can I contact you if I have a question?


Easy you can go to the website and click on contact or you can email me directly at

maindishmama@gmail.com. I will usually get back to you within 24-48 hours.


We will call you to confirm your order and delivery day* (Usually Wednesday or Thursday evenings).

Everything is prepared and packaged fresh and brought right to your door. All you need to have is an oven,

a crock-pot or slow cooker, and two empty shelves in your freezer.

You couldn’t ask for an easier solution.


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