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"I needed a plan; a way to make getting my family fed that was fast, easy and more affordable."

As a working mom with four boys, I have a full, but crazy busy life. All my boys participate in athletics and other extra-curricular activities, so every night my husband and I are on the go, usually in different directions.


Our packed schedule meant that we were rarely preparing meals at home and actually sitting down to eat dinner together as a family.  Instead, we were either eating out every night or I would run to Publix to pick up something fast on my way home. These habits of convenience began to really add up and it became clear that our food spending was out of control.


Side dishes weren’t a problem for me, because you can always rely on frozen vegetables, rice or bagged salad, but the main dish is where I was running into trouble.  I wanted a good variety of options that I could quickly throw in the crock-pot on my way out the door in the morning or that I could pop in the oven when I got home in the evening. That’s when I started pre-planning and preparing freezer meals a month in advance.


Now, not only do we always have a hot meal on the table, but we have significantly cut in half what we used to spend on eating out and grocery bills. Plus, it also means that I’m no longer wasting food that we would buy, but that I never got around to actually serving.


When I began telling friends about my new system, I was surprised when many of them asked me if I could help them do the same or even just do it for them if they paid me.  It was at this point that I began to realize the meal-time issues my family was facing were not unique and that dinnertime had become a source of stress for many families. This is what inspired me to begin offering others the opportunity to purchase a month of prepared meals to help them not only manage meals, but also to better manage their time and their lives!


We will call you to confirm your order and delivery day* (Usually Wednesday or Thursday evenings).

Everything is prepared and packaged fresh and brought right to your door. All you need to have is an oven,

a crock-pot or slow cooker, and two empty shelves in your freezer.

You couldn’t ask for an easier solution.


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